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  • maths paper 2
    • index laws
      • when multiplying, add powers
      • when dividing, subtract powers
      • when raised to another power, multiply them
      • anything to the power of 1 doesn't change
      • anything to the power of 0 is 1
      • when dealing with fractions, powers apply to both parts
    • HCF and LCM
      • to find LCM, list both of their factors and find the smallest in each list
      • to find HCF, list the prime factors which appear in both and multiply them all together
    • finding line equations/drawing lines
      • 1. find the        gradient  (m)       2. find the 'm' value for the second line   3. put values into y = mx + c   4. put in the x and y values to find c         5. write out full equation
        • gradient = change in x/change in y
    • ratios
      • to get a ratio to its simplest form, you need to find the HCF and divide both sides by it
    • functions
      • to find functions, just substitute the values into the equation given
    • enlargement
      • scale factor = n.length/o.length
    • probability
      • probabilities add to 1
      • probability = no. of outcomes/total outcomes
    • vectors
      • vectors represent the movement of a size in a direction
      • multiplying vectors changes size, not direction (scales it)
    • histograms
      • frequency density = frequency/ class width
      • frequency = FD X class width


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