Maths Chapter 1

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  • Chapter 1
    • Rounding to Significant Figures
      • Zeros are only counted as a significant figure if they are between to non-zero numbers!
      • To count the number of Significant Figures a number has, you start counting at the first non-zero number and stop counting at the last non-zero number
      • For Example: 273 has 3 significant figures. 0.273 also has 3 significant figures. But 270 has 2 significant figures.
    • Estimating
      • When asked to estimate we must make sure we round each number to one significant figure
    • Bounds
      • Discrete and Continuous Data
        • Discrete Data
          • Examples of Discrete Data
            • Shoe Size
            • Attendance at a Sports Game
            • Number of Animals at a Zoo
          • These are discrete because you can't have half an animal or half a person. You can have half a shoe size but you can't have size 5.2
          • Not every possible number can be used in Discrete Data.
        • Continuous Data
          • Examples of Continuous Data
            • Time
            • Distance
            • Mass
          • All possible numbers can be used in Continuous Data
          • The length of a line could be measured as 7.236. A person could always run a fraction of a second faster.


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