Physics on the go Materials Section 1

Section 1 of Materials focuisng on the Young Modulus, Stress and Strain and Hooke's Law

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  • Materials Section 1
    • Hooke's Law
      • Extension is proportional to force
      • F=ke
        • Extension is proportional to force
        • F=force (N)
        • k=stiffness/spring constant
        • e=extension  (m)
      • Elastic deformation
        • Material returns to its original shape after being stretched
          • Atoms  return to their equilibrium distance apart
      • Plastic deformation
        • Material does not return to its original shape, permanently stretched
          • Atoms don't return to their original positions
      • Tensile force +
        • Stretch the spring
      • Compressive forces -
        • Squash the spring
    • Stress (Pa)
      • f/a
        • f=force applied (N)
        • a=cross sectional area (m^2)
      • The force per unit area of a material
      • Breaking stress
        • When the atoms in the material separate completely, breaking the material
      • Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS)
        • The maximum stress the material can withstand
    • Strain
      • e/l
        • e=extension (m)
        • l=original length of material (m)
      • The extension per unit length
      • Elastic Strain Energy
        • Energy stored in a stretched material
        • Before the elastic limit, all the work done in stretching is stored as potential energy
          • This is called elastic strain energy
            • Is the area under the graph of a force extension graph
            • E =0.5(ke^2)
              • k=stiffness/spring constant
              • e=extension  (m)
    • The Young Modulus (Pa)
      • Tensile stress /Tensile Strain
      • Stress/strain graph
        • The Young Modulus is the gradient of a stress/strain graph
        • Area under the graph gives the strain energy
          • energy=0.5x stress x strain





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