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  • Materials
    • Wood
      • Hardwoods
        • Oak: very strong, durable, hard, heavy, light brown, furniture, flooring
        • Beech: hard, tough, strong and finished well, pinkish-brown, flooring, furniture, tool handles
        • Mahogany: hard, strong, easy to work, reddish-brown, flooring, furniture, instruments
      • Softwoods
        • Pine: reasonably strong, light-weight, pale, furniture, construction, door frames
        • Cedar: durable, resistant to weather, light cream, outdoor furniture, cupboards, fencing
        • Spruce: good strength to weight playing field, creamy white, construction, instruments
    • Plastic
      • Thermo
        • Acrylic: hard, shiny, weatherproof, scratches easily, signs, glass substitute
        • HIPS (high impact polystyrene): hard, rigid, lightweight, vacuum forming, food pots
        • PP (poly-propylene): stationery, food packaging, rope
        • HDPE (high density polyethylene) high, strong, flexible, chemical resistant, buckets, bins, bottles
        • PET: drinks bottles, food packaging
        • PVC: guttering, window sills
      • Thermosetting
        • Epoxy resin: hard, brittle, durable, good electrical insulator, circuit boards
        • Melamine formaldehyde: hard, strong, resistant to heat, chemicals, light, kitchen worktops
        • Polyester resin: hard, brittle, GRP, kayaks, car panels
        • Urea formaldehyde: hard, brittle, heat resistant, electrical fittings
    • Manufactured boards
      • MDF: medium density fibreboard (woodchips and glue), smooth surface, hazardous dust, flat pack furniture, kitchen units,
      • Plywood:(layers of wood, glued 90 degrees) very strong, high quality veneer, roofing, cladding, furniture, can be water-resistant
      • Chipboard: (small chips of wood glued) rough surface, low cost, not as strong or durable,
    • Metals
      • Ferrous
        • Low carbon steel: malleable, cannot be tempered or hardened, inexpensive, easily rusts, car bodies, nails, screws
        • High-carbon steel: very hard, brittle, difficult to cut, can be hardened and tempered, prone to rust, drill bits, tools, spings
      • Non-Ferrous
        • Aluminium: durable, light weight, corrosion resistant, heat and electricity conductor, drink cans, aircraft, foil
        • Copper: soft, malleable, ductile, great conductor of heat and electricity, electrical wires, heating pipes
        • Zinc
        • Tin
      • Alloys
        • Brass (copper and zinc)
        • Stainless steel (iron and carbon)
    • Synthetic fibres
      • Polyester: strong, durable, raincoats, bedding
      • Nylon: lightweight, strong, hard wearing, sportswear, swimwear
      • Lycra: smooth, strong, elastic, leggings, swimwear


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