Material deprivation and ethnicity

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  • Material Deprivation and Ethnicity
    • Guy Palmer (2012) - ethnic minorities are more likely to be materially deprived
      • almost 1/2 of all ethnic minority kids like in low income households
      • ethnic minorities are almost twice as likely to be unemployed
      • ethnic minority households are around 3x as likely to be homeless
      • almost half of Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers earned under £7 per hour
    • Employment
      • ethnic minority workers are more likely to be engaged in shift work
      • Bangladeshi and Pakistani women are more likely than others to be engaged in low-paid home-working
    • Reasons why some ethnic minorities may be at greater risk of materially deprived
      • many live in economically depressed areas with high unemployment and low wage rates
      • cultural factors e.g tradition of Purdah in some Muslim households - prevents women from working outside of the home
      • lack of language skills and foreign qualifications not being recognised by UK employers
      • asylum seekers may not be allowed to take work
      • racism


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