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  • Material Deprivation
    • Effects of poverty on schooling.
      • David Bull (1980)- so-called free education comes with hidden costs. Children from poor families miss out, lack of money for educational support: computers, books, trip
      • Families in poverty more likely to be in deprived areas where 90% of schools are failing. They cannot afford houses in areas with good schools due to low wages.
      • Poor housing means overcrowding no quiet place for study and more illness.
      • An inadequate diet. No breakfast, difficulty concentrating.
      • Emily Tanner (2016) children from poorer backgrounds less likely to attend after school clubs.
      • Parents cannot afford to put through FE and HE.
    • Statistics and Sociologists.
      • Sutton Trust 2013- Children W/C background 3x less likely to attend a top uni better off than their classmates.
      • Only 11% of Oxbridge students are from W/C
      • Poorer students more likely to attend local uni and live with parents.
      • Forsyth and Furlong (2000)- students from poorer backgrounds wary for the elite uni's, feel they will not fit in.
      • Callender and Jackson (2005)- many bright W/C students to not apply to uni for fear of debt.
      • Nearly 4/5 M/C uni students receive financial support from parents. Compared to 2/5 poorer.
      • W/C students more likely to combine degree and part time job.
      • Quinn et al (2005)- white W/C men more likely to drop out of uni.
    • Alisdair Forsyth and Andy Furlong (2000)
      • Quantitative and quantitative methods to research bright W/C students less likely to go to uni.
      • around 500 secondary students completed it and a follow up postal questionnaire 9 months later.
      • Next- 44 unstructured interviews with poorer background students.
      • Finally a postal questionnaire to the parents of those who took part in the follow up
      • Concluded that W/C students experienced a number of barriers to higher education success
        • Lack of familiarity with HE (enrolled in inappropriate courses)
        • A lack of funds
        • A fear of debt
        • Fear of cultural isolation.


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