Mass tourism in Jamaica

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  • Mass tourism in Jamaica
    • Positive impacts
      • Environment
        • Ecotourism is offered in certain areas which helps to preserve the local environment.
        • Ecotourism utilises the inland area of the island as well as parts of the coast, spreading tourists further around the island, thus reducing the impacts of mass tourism.
      • Economic
        • Tourism is the country's second biggest earner and provides 220,000 jobs directly.
        • Other local industries depend on tourism and create jobs inderectly.
        • Tourism expenditure per person is about US$931.
        • Tourism in Jamaica contributes US$1.3bn to the economy which is a 20% contrbution to GDP.
        • The style of holiday provides greater interaction with local people and visitors get a clearer idea of local life.
        • Visitors support local businesses.
    • Negative impacts
      • Environment
        • Coastal vegetation is removed to build hotels, harming wildlife like fish.
        • Land for massive hotels takes away land from farmers.
        • Water use also increase for drinking water, washing and recreation, which takes water away from locals.
        • Water sports damage coastal reefs so Jamaica is losing its natural beauty and heritage.
      • Economic
    • Responses
      • In an attempt to make tourism more sustainable in Jamaica, Jamaica is branching tourism out into community tourism in aim to directly benefit locals.
      • Eco tourism is increasing in the inland area of Blue Mountains with low densities and ecolodges.
  • Many hotels discharge untreated sewage, causing damage to the environment.


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