Mass Spectrometer

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  • Mass Spectrometer
    • Used for accurate determination of relative atomic, molecular mass
    • 1. Sample is vapourised
      • Gases, liquids and volatile solids injected directly and vaporised under high vacuum
    • 2. Positive ions formed from vapour
      • In ionisation chamber, high energy electrons bombard the atoms/molecules in the vapour
        • 1 or 2 electrons knocked out of each atom after collision
    • 3. Positive ions accelerated out of ionisation chamber
      • By applying high pd across region of apparatus
    • 4. Ions are deflected by magnetic field
      • According to their mass and charge
        • Greater the mass, less charge, smaller deflection
        • Lower the mass, higher charge, greater deflection
    • 5. Ions are detected and record made
      • Positive ions strike the detector
        • Causes current to flow in detector circuit linked to recorder or computer
          • Height of peaks are directly proportional to relative abundance of isotopes
    • Uses
      • Detection of drugs in urine sample
      • Pharmaceutical industry
        • Provide an identifier for compounds synthesised for possible identification as drugs
    • Chloroethane


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