Mass media

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  • Mass Media - secondary socialisation
    • Role of media in socialisation
      • Representation of social groups - media=selective; may be biased or stereotypical of social groups
      • Imitation - indivs influenced by media so much they copy what they've seen ("copycat" incidents)
      • Role models - +ve or -ve
      • Consumer culture - advertising;
    • Theory
      • Marxists - mass media responsible for the spread of pop culture; media supports capitalist system 1. encourages "false needs" 2. discourages any critical thoughts ( particularly those that question the capitalise system)
    • Media effects
      • -> debates on how influential media is in shaping thoughts and beliefs of indivs            ->media has direct and powerful effect on its audience (hypodermic model) developed = media hasd built up effects over time (drip-drip effect)     -> people interpret media messages in diff. ways - no evidence audience passively accept whats being fed to the,




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