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  • Mass tourism Kenya:
    • 5 Reasons to go:
      • Safari - Big five (Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Lion, Leopard) - 80% of holidays have wildlife aspect
      • Beaches - Mombassa main holiday destination, large white beaches and coral reefs
      • Culture - Masai Mara Tribe
      • Adventurous - Great Rift Valley and Mount Kenya
      • Weather - Excellent climate with lots of sunshine
    • Strategies to reduce negative impacts:
      • Limit number of all-inclusive hotels as they generate lots of waste
      • Limit the number of tourists entering Kenya
      • Increase the tax on items - more money to government and people will be more economical
      • Community tourist boards, views of the community took into account
      • Change hotels to B&Bs so people go out into the local shops
    • Economy
      • Positives:
        • Tourism contributes 15% to the GDP
        • In 2006 $800million made from tourism
        • In 2003, 220,000 employed from tourism
      • Negatives:
        • Only 15% of money goes to locals the rest goes to the holiday companies
        • Gov. promised Masai Mara tribe share of the profits but they never received it
    • Social
      • Positives:
        • Culture & customs of Masai Mara preserved, such as Traditional Jumping & Dancing
      • Negatives:
        • Some tribes forced out when Gov. built NP
        • Muslims offended by the way some Western tourists dress
    • Environmental
      • Positives:
        • 23 NPs, pay to enter so money goes to help conservation
      • Negatives:
        • Safari vehicles destroy vegetation and cause an increased rate of erosion
        • Habitats destroyed
        • People take parts of the Coral Reef as Souvenirs!
        • Pollution has meant 5 species of turtle are now extinct


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