Mass Spectrometry

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  • Mass Spectrometry
    • Ionisation
      • Gaseous atoms bombarded by electrons from an electron gun so becom IONISED
      • Energy given to form 1+ ions
      • A high voltage is applied to the electrons to produce highly charged droplets - they evaporate to produce gaseous charge ions
    • Acceleration
      • Ions are now charge so can be accelerated by an electric field
        • Electromagnet ????
        • All ions with the same charge have the same kinetic energy
      • Kinetic energy is the same across all the particles so the heavier particles move slower
    • Ion Drift / Deflection
      • Charge particles are deflected by a magnet or electric field
        • Separated based on their different velocities
    • Detection
      • records the different flight times of ions
        • Each time the ion hits the detection plate it causes a small electric current
          • Different intensities of the ions hitting the plate causes different amount of current to be produced
            • Allows to measure abundance because the different intensity of current produced shows how many ions hit the plate at the same time so the more of the current produced the higher the abundance
              • Each of the same ions have the same velocity


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