Geography Mass movement 10.2

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  • Mass movement
    • Sliding
      • Generic term for downhill movement of large amount of rock/soil and mud
      • Occurs on steep cliffs previously weakened by weathering
      • 1.Heavy rain infiltrates soil and percolates down into the rock
      • 2.Heavier saturated mass falls away along a distinct slip plane (line of weakness)
      • Slides happen quickly
      • Starts by tearing away vegetation on top of cliff
      • descent is lubricated by wet rocks below
    • Rock falls
      • Bare, well jointed rocks are prone to freeze-thaw weathering-rocks lose contact with cliff face.
      • At the bottom of the cliff they fan out to form a scree slope.
      • Common on vertical cliffs.
    • Slumping
      • A slide takes a straight course but a slump has a concave slip plane
      • material is rotated backwards into the cliff face as it slips


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