Mass Media (Sociology Key Terms)

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  • Mass Media Key Terms
    • Technological Convergence
      • The process where in the past we had separate devices for different media tasks and now they converge into one device (the smart phone)
    • Globalisation
      • The process of the world becoming increasingly interconnected - via transport, communication, politics, economics
    • Cultural Convergence
      • New media has changed the way we interact and communicate. Now more people have friends online than in real life. Cultural interaction moved online.
    • Glocalisation
      • Local cultures take on board aspects of global cultures and use them in their own way e.g. McBeer
    • Economic Convergence
      • Companies work together and make alliances (e.g. Google and Androiid) to make profit
    • Cultural Imperialsm
      • Promotion of one culture (America) over an other and that culture seen as superior which them dominates other cultures
    • Digitalisation
      • Media becomes transformed into binary code to allow the spread of media across time and space.
    • Americanisation
      • Linked to cultural imperialism - The world is becoming increasingly more like America, in terms of food, brands, fashion, culture, language etc
    • Conglomeration
      • Media organisations own media across national boundaries
    • McDonalidation
      • US business models are shared with the world to make production more efficient and productive (shared principled of ford-ism)
    • Participatory Culture
      • We can now participate in media discussion and creation. The line between consumer and producer becomes blurred
    • Cultural Homogenization
      • The process of all cultures becoming the same  - due to the process of globalisation,
    • Interactivity
      • We now have media that responds to us immediately - in the past it would take weeks to get a response via letter. Changes the way we use the media and our expectations of interactions,
    • Lateral Expansion
      • Media organisations start to make products in other non-media areas to ensure profit is being made (e.g. Virgin Media)
    • Synergy
      • Media organisations  produce multiple formats of products to help them sell more and make profit. E.e toys, soundtrack, DVD, bags
    • Collective Intelligence
      • Media has allowed us to  research more and find out about everything. This has improved democracy.
    • Horizontal Integration
      • When media organisations own different types of media - news, TV, film, radio, music etc.
    • Vertical Integration
      • Media organisations own and produce all companies producing one type of media (e,g, Hollywood films owned by only 5 organisations)
    • Polysemic
      • We now have many ways of reading media messages, there isn't one meaning (post-modern)
    • Tabloidization
      • News changes in the direction of  'gossip' (such as the Guardian) as people seek for instant and short news as opposed to detailed factual news
    • Digital Divide
      • The idea that there is a gap between groups in society int terms of media usage - class, age etc.
    • Folk Devils/Moral Panics
      • Certail groups are blamed for societies problems (FD) and the media makes it worse, by reporting negative stories about the group producing moral panic.
    • Gatekeeper
      • Media owners/editors are in control of which news stories get let into the TV news and newspapers
    • Hierarchy of Credibility
      • Certain groups are seen as more credible so their views are more likely to be heard or represented in the media
    • Hyper Reality
      • We become unable to distinguish between media life and reality
    • Neophiliacs
      • Sociologists that are in support of the changes in media and development of new media
    • Cultural Pessemists
      • Sociologists who are against the new media developments and think it has caused more harm than good
    • Hegemony
      • When socially powerful people use their influence to convince less powerful people it is in their best interest to do what is actually in the most powerful people's best interest (via media)
    • Symbolic Annihilation
      • The systematic ignoring of social groups in media or presenting them as second to the other group (e.g. women are invisible in comparison to men)
    • Male Gaze
      • Media content filmed through the lense of the heterosexual male - so sexualises women


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