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  • Maslow
    • Self actualisation
      • Is the desire in all humans to fulfil their potential
        • Few people actually become Self actualised, example include Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein
          • Common traits found in self actualised people are..
            • -Spontaneous
            • Very original and creative thinkers
            • Prepared to fact reality
            • Interested in solving problems
      • Maslow in 'A theory of Human Motivation' (1964) defined it as..
        • "The desire for self-fulfilment and to become more and more of what one is and everything one is capable of becoming
    • Hierarchy of Needs
      • Must go through this before becoming self actualised
        • It's instinctive
      • Maslow believed they were doing what they were 'born to do' and have reached the summit of their potential.
        • if the environment was right they grew straight up and true and fulfil their potential
        • They have a sense of humility and respect for others, linked to strong ethical code
      • Maslows hierarchy of Needs
        • 1)Physiological: humans have basic needs to function- Water, food, oxygen and rest
        • 2) Safety: A sense of security, shelter and employment
        • 3) Belonging and Love: Personal relationships, sexual intimacy, family and feeling welcome
        • 4) Esteem: A sense of recognition, respect achievement and worth
        • 5) Cognitive: A desire for knowledge and understanding of the world
        • 6) Aesthetic: An understanding of beauty, symmetry and order
    • Peak Experiences
      • In 'Religions, Values and Peak Experiences' (1964)
        • Maslow described them as a sudden feeling of happiness and well being, with an awareness of ultimate truth and unity of all things
        • They encounter ultimate truth or the essence of all things
        • Those having peak experiences tell a sense of control over the body and emotions, a greater sense of awareness and a feeling of awe and wonder at the oneness with the universe
      • Self actualiser's are most likely to have a peak experience
        • Maslow saw it as an experience that takes the person out of their body and makes them feel eternal and touched by god.
          • They feel a part of the infinite
      • Two types of peak experiences
        • 1) Relative: The person still feels and has an awareness of objects and subjects
        • 2) Absolute: A mystical experience without time and space and a feeling of unity with all things


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