Maes Howe

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  • Maes Howe
    • Features
      • Stone plugs (to cover each of the chamber entrances)
      • Corbelling construction (roof)
      • Part of the ritual landscape of Stenness
      • Blocking stone in passage way (shut from the inside)
      • Main chamber has strange acoustics (almost makes it magical)
    • Comparative arch sites
      • Newgrange
        • Has a blocking stone
        • Has a light box (mid-winter solstice) light shines through and penetrates the central chamber
        • Neolithic passage grave in Ireland
        • Few artefacts as some probably taken over the millennia
        • Designed to have particular acoustic effects.(sensory experience)
      • Isbister
        • Chambered tomb in Orkney
        • Three separate compartments like Maes Howe
        • Small entrance (need to crawl to enter)
        • Human remains were found
        • Ancestor worship
    • Site Description
      • Access entrance is long, low and narrow (on the south-west side)
        • Alignment with the mid-winter solstice sunset. (light shines through the entrance for 15mins)
      • Chambered cairn, which is stone built tomb made for the dead.
        • Round cairn which is surrounded by a ditch
    • Religious key terms
      • Magic
      • Liminal (between the living & the dead)
      • Focus of attention
      • Ritual specialists (small entrance)
      • Sensory experience (acoustics)
      • Ancestor (worship)
    • Neolithic chambered cairn, in Orkney
    • Artefacts
      • One skull fragment
        • Thought to have been emptied over time (evidences of Vikings)


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