Masculinity and Crime - Messerschmidt continued

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  • Masculinity and Crime - Messerschmidt
    • White Collar Crime
      • Managers in large corporations must sometimes do whatever is necessary to make profits
      • Senior level managers tend to be male
        • Glass Ceiling Effect
      • The 'boardroom' culture tends to be based around masculine normsand values
      • Such crimes are encouraged and at times accepted
    • Domestic Violence
      • "relatively powerless men use wife beating, **** and even murder to reassert control when their masculinity is threatened by women"
      • Much domestic violence occurs when the man believes...
        • His wife has not carried out her duties
        • Disobeyed his orders
        • Fails to show him adequate respect
        • Such criminal behaviour is "really about males asserting their masculinity when other avenues of assertion are closed"
    • Pimping
      • Able to express strong control over the prostitutes they run
      • The "cool pose of badass denotes control, toughness and detachment
      • Tend to "display their 'success' in loud, materialistic and flamboyant ways in an attempt to 'transcend race and class denomination'"
      • Such a lifestyle/flashy displays are "despised by successful m/c males and in effect being a 'pimp' confirms the status of inferior men"
    • Criticisms
      • Fails to explain why particular individuals commit crimes rather than others
      • Is his analysis on class and ethnic factors somewhat stereotypical?
      • Doesn't explain 'politically motivated' crimes
      • Does he overestimate the importance of masculinity at the expense of other factors?


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