Mary's Background + Historians

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  • Mary's Background + Historians
    • Philip of Spain was Catholic.
    • Disliked Anne Boleyn.
    • Bitter - Angry towards Protestants and was forced towards it.
    • - Rarely saw her parents, seperated from mother at a young age.
    • Declared illegitimate, fell out with Henry (her father)
    • Anger at Henry strengthened Catholicism.
    • Stayed away from Edward's court to avoid Protestantism
    • Parliament petitioned her to marry Edward Courtnenay.
      • Angry as didn't want to obey subject.
    • Wanted a Catholic heir.
    • Historians - No positive achievements
      • Pollard: Sterility was conclusive note
      • Displayed as arch opponent to true religion and friend of England's enemy Spain.
      • Victim of Propaganda? (Williams)


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