Mary Tudor's Reign

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  • Mary Tudor's Reign
    • Religious Policy
      • Foreign influence
        • Phillip II
          • Connections with the Pope
          • assisted with image for recatholicisation
          • Gave advice for navy and council
    • Bringing back catholicism
      • Edwards religious laws were repealed
      • Heresy Laws revived
      • Anti-papal laws repealed
      • Not everyone wanted catholicism back
      • The monasteries were too damaged to repair
    • Bloody Mary and the Burnings
      • All protestants who refused to obey her rules were burnt at the stake
      • John Rogers in 1555 was the first person to be burned
      • at the end of her reign almost 300 people had been burnt at the stake
    • Phillip II
      • He was suitable- a catholic
      • secured relations with the Netherlands
      • Mary made a marriage treaty including several rules of Phillip and her marriage such as him having to rule jointly with Mary
    • Depression and Death
      • Protestant burnings were making her increasingly unpopular
      • Her marriage failed to come up to her expectations
      • Protestantism was gaining strength in Europe.
      • She died  lonely, childless and with an absent husband


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