Mary I

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  • Mary I
    • The Spanish match
      • Mary was anxious to get married, at 37 time was running out to produce an heir
      • Mary wanted to guarantee a Catholic succesion
      • English candidate for marriage, the Earl of Devon (Edward Courtenay)
      • Marriage to an Englishman brough threat of factional rivalry, Courtenay lacked courtly skills and seen unsuitable
      • Mary's personal preference was Philip II of Spain, Catholic and politically experienced
      • Emperor Charles V was keen on the match
      • English public opinion was very hostile to the match, a parliamentary delegation had attempted to dissuade Mary
      • Treaty drawn up to give Philip the title of King but gave him no power, when Mary died he would have no claim on the throne
    • Wyatt Rebellion
      • Rebellion had been planned in November 1553, four simultaneous risings in Devon, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Kent
      • Only Kent experienced a serious rising, Sir Thomas Wyatt raised a force of 3,000 men
      • Mixture of motives: religion (protestant supporters), fear of foreigners, decline in cloth industry (socio-economic), gentry who lost office within the county
      • The rebellion was highly significant in these ways
        • Although Protestants were a minority, their religious opinions couldn't be ignored
        • Demonstrated the suspicion of the Spanish marriage
        • Lady Jane Grey executed
        • Elizabeth arrested and confined to the Tower
  • Lady Jane Grey executed


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