Mary Queen of Scots

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  • Mary Queen of Scots
    • Heir to English throne
    • Treaty of Edinburgh 1560
      • Scottish queen but protestant nobles ran country
      • Agreed to give up claim to English throne
      • Ended rebellion of Scottish protestants against French, Catholic influence of Mary of Guise
    • Arrival in England 1568
      • Cause
        • 1567: Husband (Lord Darnley) murdered by Earl of Brothwell
          • 1867: Married Brothwell
            • Rebellion from Protestant Scottish Lords, forced to abdicate
              • 1568: Raised an army to fight for throne, defeated
                • Arrived in England seeking Eliz's help to regain throne
      • Problems
        • Mary Catholic, Elizabeth protestant
          • Could lead to rebellions from English catholics
        • Felt it right as monarchs appointed by God
        • Mary overthrown by rebellion, Eliz didn't want to supprt this
        • Could anger powerful catholic countries
        • Mary guilty of nothing


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