Mary, Queen of Scots

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  • Mary Queen of Scots
    • Mary's claim to the throne and arrival in England
      • Mary was Elizabeth's second cousin
      • Mary was Catholic= Catholic support for her claim to throne
      • Elizabeth's legitimacy questioned
      • Mary central of Catholic  plots
      • Mary involved in scandalous death of husband = abdicate & flea
      • Mary held in England in comfort
    • Mary vs. Elizabeth
      • Elizabeth's options
        • Help Mary regain throne= anger Scottish nobles
        • Hand Mary over to Scottish lords= lead to French war (Mary former wife of French king)
          • meant Scottish nobility wouldn't imprison Mary
          • French would be satisfied
          • subjects did not punish an anointed monarch
        • Allow Mary to go abroad= could provoke French attack if Mary goes to France
        • Keep Mary in England= best option but Catholic plotters could overthrow her
      • Casket Letters Affair (separate)
      • Mary was not made heir as it would upset protestants
        • also lead to civil war if Elizabeth died


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