The Sign Of The Four: Mary Morstan

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  • Mary Morstan
    • She is an innocent character.
      • She leads a quiet life as a governess.
        • 'I have led a retired life, and have no friends whom I could appeal to.' (C2)
      • She earns Holmes' respect by being methodical and organised.
        • 'You are certainly a model client. You have the correct intuition.' (C2)
      • She rejects the corrupting influence of the treasure.
        • ''The treasure is lost,' said Miss Morstan, calmly.' (C11)
        • She acts as a moral yardstick.
    • She is sensitive, calm and composed.
      • Watson finds it almost surprising that a woman can cope with the night's adventures through London.
      • She is quiet and able to comfort the housekeeper at Pondicherry Lodge.
        • 'Miss Morstan appeared to have a soothing effect upon her.' (C5)
          • Watson's perception or the truth?
      • She is more civilised and calm than the greedy men that the treasure has brought misery to.
        • ''The treasure is lost,' said Miss Morstan, calmly.' (C11)
    • She is a modest character.
      • The only adornment that she wears is a small white feather.
        • 'She wore a small turban of the same dull hue, relieved only by a suspicion of white feather in the side.' (C2)
        • A white feather could also show her purity and innocence.
    • She brings the case to Holmes.
      • Her father disappeared ten years ago.
        • She has been sent a valuable pearl every year since being tracked down through a newspaper advert.
          • She received a letter requesting a meeting with her.


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