Mary I - The Spanish Match & The Wyatt Rebellion

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  • Mary I - The Spanish Match & The Wyatt Rebellion.
    • The Spanish Match
      • Mary was 37 years old and anxious to marry quickly and produce a Catholic area.
      • Potential contenders: Philip of Spain & Edward Courtenay.
      • Terms
        • Philip was to be given the title of King but couldn't exercise any of the rights that went with the title.
        • No foreigners were to be permitted to hold English offices
        • If Mary died before Philip, he would have no claim to the English throne.
        • Any children would inherit England and low countries but not Spain.
        • Philip had to follow English Laws.
        • Philip wasn't allowed to take children out of the country without parliament's permission.
      • Mary was 11 years older than Philip.
      • Philip spent as little time as possible in England.
      • To what extent did England become a Spanish pawn?
        • Philip's name was on all official documents.
        • He worked with councillors to influence English policy.
        • He persuaded the Navy to build 6 new ships for his war with France.
        • He helped Cardinal Reginald Pole return to England as papal legate 1554 to negotiate re-instating the Pope.
        • Mary only declared war on France after the supported an attack on England by Thomas Stafford.
        • Parliament refused to coronate Philip 1555 & wouldn't include him in a new Treason Law 1554.
        • Philip spent most of his time in Spain.
    • The Wyatt Rebellion 1554
      • Motives: Anger at Mary's marriage to Philip; protests against the return to Catholicism; anger at foreign influence at court; local gentry who had lost their post under Mary; Sir Thomas Wyatt planned to replace Mary with Edward Courtenay.
      • Events
        • Jan 25th 1554: Wyatt starts rebellion and they march to London.
        • Feb 1st 1554: Mary rallies support with a speech at the Guildhall.
        • Feb 3rd: Rebels prevented from crossing into the City of London.
        • Feb 7th: With few men and not enough popular support, Wyatt surrenders.
      • Outcome: Mary executed Wyatt, Lady Jane Grey, her husband Guilford Dudley and aprox. 100 others.
      • Significance of the threat: threatened the capital; showed a large amount of opposition to Mary; showed that Protestantism was strong; showed popular suspicion towards Mary's marriage.


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