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  • Marxists
    • Negative
      • Emphasises big society influences individuals
        • Conflict theory
    • Means/forces of production the materials such as people, land or machinery needed to produce goods.
    • Superstructur all the other aspects of society built upon the foundation of the infrastructure (like government and political systems)
    • Mode of production:  how people produced the things they needed to live (basic needs)
    • Infrastructure the forces of production and social relationships that form the basic foundation of society
    • Social relations of production the relationships made during  production stage - often between the rich (bourgeoisie) and the poor (proletariats).
    • Marx claims mode of production is important
      • Argues society is divided because of wealth + power not shared equally
      • R/C stay in power by exploiting the W/C
    • Criticisms:     it only looks at division of class not gender or ethnicity conflict
    • Marxists believe that ruling class ideology (the widely circulated ideas and beliefs of powerful elite groups in society) prevents many ordinary working people from really understanding the nature of society
      • These ideas create a false consciousness (the mistaken belief that capitalist society is basically fair and that the real opportunities are available to all)


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