Marxist views on the role of the family 

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  • Marxist views on the role of the family
    • Marxists are not critical of the family, but how capitalism has exploited it
    • The focus on  the way family life operates in a capitalist society
    • The functions of the family are performed purely for the benefit of the capitalist system
    • Marxists explain how future generations of workers being maintained by the family keep capitalism going
    • The norms and values people learn through family socialisation are part of the capitalist ideolgy
    • Engels - The modern nuclear family was developed in a capitalist society out of necessity.
    • Zaretsky - claimed the family “props up” capitalim
      • Evidence for Zaretsky’s View - Working class families are encouraged to pursue false needs in the form of the latest consumer goods and judge themselves in a comparison of possessions
      • Criticisms of Zaretsky - COOPER - Sees the family as an ‘ideological conditioning device’ in which children learn to conform to authority so they will become cooperative and easily exploited workers


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