marxist inequality

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  • Marxist view of inequality
    • explains inequality in society by examining the way in which the bourgeoisie exploit and oppress the working class
    • Inequalities are as a result  of the economic arrangements people make to meet their basic needs
    • A few wealthy and powerful people, the bourgeoisie, own the means of production and the rest just own their own labour power- creates major division in society
    • The bourgeoisie exploit and oppress the proletariat
    • The proletariat have little or no power, where as the bourgeoisie have the power to exploit and oppress
    • Capitalism survives because the inherent inequalities are either not recognised or accepted
    • Marx argued if people did not recognise they were being exploited it could be seen as they had false class consciousness
    • Bowles and Ginits
      • Explain how the education system reproduced the ideas of the ruling class and legitimated inequalities
      • Students experience of school is an alienating one
      • School specifically prepares students for their future in the Capitalist system
      • Argue school doesn't prepare everyone in the same way
      • Schools aren't meritocratic and claim schools are part of the ruling class ideology persuading people inequalities are fair
    • Braverman
      • Argued there has been a de-skilling of white collar jobs, they have become proletarianized partly due to technology
      • De-skilling leads to a loss in bargining power by the workers concerned and a consequent loss of earnings and conditions relative to others
      • Marx argued Capitalism would eventually give way to socialism and then to communism but it clearly hasn't, despite recessions etc
      • The New Right and Functionalists argue the bourgeoisie are not a united class
      • Postmodernists argue class is dead and people make their own choices
      • Feminists argue that traditional Marxism ignores the gender inequalities people experience


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