Marxist perspective on the family

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  • Marxist perspective
    • Main Themes
      • Serves the interests of capitalism
      • Only became necessary with the gain of wealth and the need to defend it
      • Provides a steady supply of workers
        • Socialised  by the family into discipline
      • Provides a release from alienation and oppression
      • Acts as an ideological state apparatus
    • Friedrich Engels
      • Evolutionary theory of human development
      • Previously women were equally involved in the public sphere
        • Women brought increasingly into privacy of family under domination of men
      • Rise of private property, organised system of inheritance necessary
      • Originally there was a communal life that did not need marriage and family
    • Criticisms
      • Too based on modern western society
      • Does not explain similarities in family structure in different societies
      • Too biased and negative
      • Feminists argue it serves the interests of men and patriarchy
      • Too deterministic


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