Marxist and Radical Feminists Theories and Critcisms on the Family

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  • Marxist and Radical Feminists- Theories and Criticisms
    • Marxist Feminist
      • Benston
        • Wives in the nuclear family provides by domestic and emotional labour and used as a reserve army of labour that is used during economically problematic time e.g. WW1
          • However
            • Difference Feminists
              • Ignores different experiences of women e.g. black women and white women
    • Radical Feminists
      • Millett
        • Families are characterized by patriarchy and should be abolished and women must be completely separate from men
          • However
            • Somerville (Liberal Feminist)
              • Ignores recent improvements in the workplace e.g, Equal Pay Act 1970 and Divorce Laws and separatism is unlikely to work due to heterosexuality
            • Functionalists
              • Ignores the benefits such as intimacy and mutual support


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