Marxist Interpretations, English Civil War

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  • Marxist
    • dominated english historiography from the 1920's-70's
    • Shift the focus from constitutional issues (ie away from the idea of it being a struggle between king and parliament over who should have the right to govern). 
    • They emphasise the role of class conflict and a rising bourgeois class (middle class) who challenge the way the country is run and provoke hostilities. 
    • Saw the civil war as an inevitable political crisis brought on as the feudal monarchy defended its privileges against the gentry and the new economic power
    • saw parliament as the voice of rising gentry and "middling sort" determined to break down existing political barriers to their economic progress
    • RH Tawney and Christopher Hill
    • Took a long term view of the ECW- the rise of parliament at the expense of crown


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