Marxist view of family

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  • Marxist views on the family
    • engels- capitalism has led to the 'world historical defeat of women' as they are used as an 'instrument for reproduction'= marriage and monogamy laws are important in capitalism society as it allows for primogeniture to take place- through inheritance laws wealth is restricted within the bourgeoisie.
      • X recognise how many working class people benefit from inheritance laws
        • criticise this comment as most working class people are disadvantaged from accumulating wealth and property anyway
    • Zaretsky - family is a safe haven were the exploited proletariat can relax, gain comfort from a day of dehumanising work so that they are prepared to return the next day- distraction from rebellious thoughts
      • He noted that if workers don't rebel this will lead to immiseration- profit margins increase and workers exploitation get worse and worse
        • eventually they realise that the family is no substitute for rights and they lose their false consciousness and rebel


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