Marxist views on education

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  • Marxist views on education
    • Althusser
      • Claimed that a range of formal and informal agencies of social control are necessary to maintain capitalism.
        • Said people are manipulated into loving the system through:
          • Repressive state apparatus e.g. police and army
          • Ideological state apparatus such as education
      • According to Althusser schools transmit an ideology that Capitalism is fair and just and they prepare children for their role in the workforce
    • Bowles and Gintis
      • Schools operate through both the formal curriculum and the hidden curriculum to reproduce existing class inequalities in the new generation.
      • Identify a close correspondence between social relationships in the classroom and in the workplace
        • This correspondence is essential for social reproduction of people accepting their roles in capitalist society (correspondence theory)
      • Argue that meritocracy is a myth and the education system is a myth making machine


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