Marxism and the Family

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  • Marxist View of the Family
    • Core Concepts - Marxists believe the key roles are .....
      • Socialise kids to conform to society - reproducing labour power and performing an ideological function (false class consciousness)
      • Women's domestic work is unpaid which aids capitalism
      • Family acts a safety valve for stress/frustration of workers
      • The family is a unit of consumption
    • Engels
      • Primmitive Communism - Everything shared including women so their was no family unit as we know today
      • Capitalism - Monogomous family units were created due to emerging capitalism and men needed to know who their kids were due to inheritance and private ownership
    • Zaretsky
      • Family was seen as a 'haven' as work in the factory was so alienating and work and the family were seen as separate
      • However, the family can only 'cushion' the pains it can't provide the psychological and personal support to compensate
      • The family is a 'prop' to capitalism
        • Unit of Consumption- Allowing the bourgeoisie to keep on making profit
        • Family is based on domestic labour of housewives who work for free and reproduce future generation of workers
    • Althusser
      • The family supports the superstructure, suggesting the family is an ideological status apparatus
      • Passing on ruling class ideas and encouraging children not to questions capitalism or the inequality that comes from it
    • Lasch and Donzelot
      • Increased interference in the private world of the family.
      • The family should give individuals the opportunity for self-expression and freedom


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