Marxist view of the family

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  • Marxist view of the family
    • nuclear family
      • Serving the interests of the ruling class
      • promotes capitalist ideology
      • maintain the exploitation of the working class
    • Friedrich Engels
      • Nuclear family only became popular after the industrial revolution
        • The ruling class encouraged it in order to protect the property and wealth they  had accumulated
    • Althusser
      • capitalism to survive people must be taught how to think and behave,
        • The family is the mechanism for doing so
    • Zaretsky
      • Challenges parsons view of the family
      • Nuclear family mainly benefits capitalism at the expense of other members of society
      • socialization of children into capitalist ideologies
      • unit of consumption
    • Criticisms
      • Ignores the wide increasing variety of family structures
      • Feminists: ignores gender inequalities
      • functionalists: ignores real benefits that the family provides
    • 3 major functions
      • 1. inheritance of property
      • 2. ideological functions
      • 3. unit of consumption


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