marxism and crime

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  • Marxist view of crime
    • De-regulation- capitalist society fails to regulate companies as they want they're  business
    • Laws are implemented by the elite in the interest of businesses. Snider- laws that threaten capitalist interests are rarely passed.
      • e.g. 2008 banking crisis affect people world wide yet only 3 people got prosecuted.
      • Ignores the influence of pressure groups in enforcing legislation that goes against ruling class ideology
      • Strain theory- Box- when companies cant reach their targets legitimately they look to illegitimate methods.
      • differential association- sutherland- bosses socialise employees to a culture in which wcc is justified.
    • the crimes of the bourgeoisie often go undetected-
      • under reported- the victim is often society or the environment which are often unaware
      • lacks media coverage- social network have influences in the media which can gate keep (hide stories) which suggests WCC isn't as big a problem as it is
        • editors and journalists act with professional ethics- they want to find a controversial story and are proactively seeking one- it would make them famous
      • Political- those in government benefit from this- often get donations from private companies which allow them to fund better campaigns and stay in power
        • parties often publish their donations and how much they spent of campaigns to ensure transparency
      • Complexity- harder to investigate  especially when their is already a lack of resources- (marxists argue gov have an interest in keeping police etc with tight budgets so they are always overwhelmed with street crime and don't investigate WCC)
      • Re-labelling- they have the power to relabel their crimes as civil rather than criminal
        • neiken- elite have the power to avoid labelling.
    • CJS favour elite and fail to enforce laws- e.g. BP oil spill saw  a small fine despite its severe consequences s on animals and people's lives
    • Causes of Crime? Chamberliss- capitalism is criminogenic because it relies on class inequality which causes conflict- it is also characterised by self interest and greed
      • capitalism causes a dog eat dog society
      • there is more pressure on wclass to commit crime cuz they are more exploited
      • there are capitalist countries like Switzerland who have low crime rates.
    • crime diverts attention from the inequality of capitalism by suggesting that we need society as it is to deal with the threatening working class characterised by criminality
      • capitalist media promotes the ideology that crime is the result of individual moral failings= ignoring the social inequality that causes people to enter crime- e.g. needing to survive


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