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    • Economic Power
      • Who owns means of production controls society
      • Bourgeoisie own production/wealth
      • Proletariat operate production
      • Bourgeoisie can manipulate politics, gov, education, art & media
    • Materialism vs Spirituality
      • Social values reflect material goals
      • The material world is non-subjective
      • Spirituality is completely subjective
      • Quality of a person's life is destroyed by material failure
    • Class Struggle
      • A capitalist society will inevitability experience conflict
      • Owners make the decision about the division of wealth
      • Conflict is what instigates change
      • Bourgeoisie present their political, economic, & social structures as the only reasonable ones
      • Proletariat are prevented from wanting overthrow their oppressors
      • The only real social division is class
    • Art, Literature & Ideologies
      • Vehicles by which the bourgeoisie impose their value system on the proletariat
      • They're enjoyable so the audience is unaware of being manipulated
      • Bourgeoisie control artistic output
      • Artistic criticism of the bourgeoisie must be subtle as challenging media will not be publsihed


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