Education Marxist Perspective

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  • Marxist Perspective
    • Education is a form of social control
      • Encourages people to be conformists - to accept their social position
        • And inequality in power, wealth and income
    • Althusser
      • Education system is an ideological state apparatus
        • Passes on the dominant class ideology
        • Justifies the capitalist system
        • Ensures they have the right conformist attitudes
    • Education reproduces the existing class structure
    • Confirms pupil's class of origin as their class of destination
    • Bourdieu
      • Culture of education is the culture of the dominant class
      • Middle and Upper class have access to cultural capital
    • Illich and Freire
      • Schools are repressive, promote conformity
        • Discourages criticism
      • Wants to abolish schools - deschooling society
    • Bowls and Gintis
      • Schooling prepares young people for work by the hidden curriculum
      • Pupils lack of power and control mirrors that of workers
        • Exam success and grading by  reflects difference in pay and status
      • Marxist view have little research to back it up
      • Pupils often rebel against school - Anti-school subculutre
        • Willis - Anti-school subcultures among working-class 'lads'
      • Marxists emphasis role of education -ignore wider influences e.g family and media
      • Both see schools as a powerful socialising influences


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