Sociology - Feminism and the Family

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  • Marxism and the family
    • Engels
      • The era of Primitive communism
        • Matriarchal society, people lived in promiscuous tribes and children were brought up by the tribe and not the family
        • There was no private property
      • The era of capitalism
        • Private property began
        • Made sure that the wealth was inherited by their children
          • Man could be sure that the children had succession to his wealth
      • There is no evidence that the primitive communism era even existed
      • Gough- supports the notion of promiscuous tribes through the study of chimps
      • There is evidence to support the link in the increase in monogomic families and the emergance of private property
        • Laslett- monogmous nuclear families existed throughout history- medival times
    • Zaretsky- 3 functions of the family
      • Socialisation of Children - children are socialised into believing that the ineqalities are natural
        • Children often grow up and accept their lot with no complaint
        • Family is an ideological agent of capitalism
      • Physcological Outlet - the family acts as a comforting device for workers so they can go to work to be freshly exploited
        • workers will not engage in behaviour that threatens the nuclear set up - wont complain about poor working standards
      • Economic function
        • The family are the main consumers of capitalist goods - they are convinced by media that they need to keep up with the jones and spend money on dispensible goods
        • Marcuse - the family are convinced to want false needs such as gadgets that are soon out of date through capitalist ideology transmitted through the mass media
    • Bordeiu - it is difficult for working class to experience upward social mobility
      • Cultural Capital - the right attitude to go to university and have the right expectations also manners and politenedd
      • Social Capital - upper class families have more social ties which can benefit the child
      • therefore through no fauilt of their own- working class parents are a cultural deficit
    • Marxist feminism - it is capitalism that exploits women
      • Benston - women are exploited through
        • Paid - work - they are the reserve army of labour
        • Economic - housework
        • Reproduction - women bring up and look after the next workforce for free.
        • Look after the male workers and make sure they are healthy
      • Ansley -capitalism is the reason for domestic violence,
        • women are abused by their husbands who are angry about their alienation at work


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