Marxists - role of the family

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  • Marxism
    • Zaretsky (1970s)
      • analysed family life from a Marxist perspective
      • thought that the  family could provide fulfillment away from the world of work
      • critical of the exploitative nature of the capitalist system
      • argued that capitalism needs housewives to reproduce
        • and socialise the future workforce
        • to bring up children who will do as they are told by those in authority
      • explained family roles and relationships in terms of the family being a unit of consumption
        • families purchase goods as a unit
          • e.g people do not buy a washing machine to share with their neighbout
      • positive
        • in the contemporary uk the family is a unit of consumption
          • there are expectations to consume more products on a global economic scale
      • Negative
        • Somerville (2000)
          • points out that Zaretsky ignored negative aspects of the family
            • e.g. domestic violence


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