marxism and tempest

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  • marxism and the tempest
    • caliban
      • he is described using derogatory terms
        • beast
        • tortoise
        • fish
      • don't know about parents
        • 'thou poisonous slave, got by the devil himself'
      • coloniser and colonised, educated each other
        • you taught me language, and now I know how to curse
        • unwillingly made his slave
    • colonial power
      • portrayal of Prospero
        • more recently  he is a cruel power hungry master who enslaved Caliban
        • simply because he didn't understand him
      • caliban is given a lower working class status
        • enter caliban, with a burden of wood
      • what labour class go through in order to benefit the rich
    • miranda
      • woman's role in literature from a feminist theorist perspective
      • her prescribed gender role and physical stature account for her naturally being subordinate to males
        • first Prosero, then Ferdinand
        • becomes clear she is inferior to the male characters in the play
        • "in Shakespeare's times, father interactions with daughters encourage them to be subordinate
          • Tia Baumlin


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