Marxism and Education

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  • Marxism
    • Bowles and Gintis
      • Hidden curriculum
        • Indirect learning
      • Myth of Meritocracy
        • claims to be fair but reproduces inequalities
      • Correspondence Principle
        • Education mirrors work
          • Uniform, rules etc
          • Reproduce WC low status employment
            • Too deterministic
    • Althusser
      • Education     = ISA
      • Education shapes ideas so students think the system is fair
    • Bourdieu
      • education is beneficial for M/C due to cultural capital
        • Raised by the same way the system works
        • other factors not considered ie ethnicity and gender
    • Education
      • Encourages dominant values and attitudes
      • Maintains Capitalism
      • 'brainwashes' the working class to accept their positions
    • Outdated


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