Marriage, divorce and deversity

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  • Marriage, divorce and deversity
    • marriage
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        • feminists: Wilkinson: change in female attutides to marriage
        • campbell: marriage benefits mean more than women
        • has risen by 1.8% but long term picture of a decline
    • diversity
      • Cohabitation: ONS fastest growing family
        • New Right: Morgan: cohabitation is less stable than marriage
          • children have less attainment in school
          • kieran: the New Right are making generalisation
        • rose by 65%
    • divorce: increase due to it being made easier and available
      • Feminist: Hart: education/job opportunities - frustration division of labour
      • postmodernist: beck gernsheim the rising divorce rate is due to indiviualism
      • divorce rate has decreased by 13.3 - 10.8 per thousand per married population
    • one-parent family: 1971 it was 8% but 22% in 2011
      • New Right think one parent families has a connection with education attainment an delinquency
      • Feminists: scapegoats crime and educational attainment
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