Marriage and the Family

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  • Marriage and the Family
    • Divorce
      • Catholic Views
        • Catholics would say no to divorce because they have made a vow under the eyes of God
      • Non Catholic Views
        • Church of England says if there is a severe problem you can get divorced
        • It's the lesser of two evils
        • Forgiveness is important and should be given a second chance
    • Family LIfe
      • Christian Views on Family Life
        • Main purpose is to marry and have children
        • Society would collapse without family
        • Catholic priests and nuns would leave their famlies
      • Jewish Views on Family Life
        • The family would learn about Jewish teaching and Kosher
        • Boys have a circumcision at 8 days old
    • Homosexuality
      • Jewish Views
        • Liberal Jews believe that homosexuality should be allowed as the Torah is outdated
        • Orthodox Jews believe that gay sexual activity is wrong and hoomosexuals should stay celibate
        • Orthodox Jews also believe that people cannot help their sexual orientaion


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