Marriage and Christianity

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  • Marriage and Christianity
    • Purpose
      • Marriage is a gift from God, but they do not have to marry
      • Couples live together until death do them part
      • Couple to be faithful to each other
      • Are comfort to each other
      • Companionship
      • Create a Christian family
    • Purposes shown in the wedding ceremony
      • Vows - commitment
      • Rings - shows the unending nature of marriage
      • Priest's introduction emphasises how marriage is special and is for life
      • Bible readings and talk on the duties of marriage
      • Prayers for God's blessing on the couple
    • The couple have comfort and support shown in:
      • Ceremony preparations
      • The couple being asked if they will honour and love each other for the rest of their lives
      • Vows and rings
      • Readings and sermon
      • Prayers
    • Procreation and raising a family is shown in:
      • Priest/ minister discussing having a family and how to raise children in the Christian faith
      • During the service : refer  to the gift of children and the purpose of marriage + prayers


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