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  • Marriage
    • Potential Suitors
      • King Phillip II of Spain
        • Pros
          • Spain was very rich
          • He held control of Spain, Mexico, Holland and parts of Italy
          • Large Army
        • Cons
          • He was Catholic
          • He ruled England for a while; the people disliked him
          • The Pope would not approve
      • Lord Dudley
        • Pros
          • Protestant
          • Made money through trade; estates around England
        • Cons
          • He was a commoner
          • Cause jealousy in the Privy Council
      • Earl of Essex
        • Pros
          • Protestant
          • Fought many wars for the Queen
          • Sweet wine monopoly
        • Cons
          • Some Members of council distrusted him
          • Jelousy in the PC
    • Should she marry?
      • Yes
        • Create a powerful alliance with England
        • Produce an heir for succession (avoid future conflict over this)
        • Prevent Mary Queen of Scots taking over after
      • No
        • Marrying an English nobleman=> Splits in PC=> rebellion
        • Limit personal freedom of Queen
        • Jure Uxoris=> husband would rule England
        • Foreigner might pull England into dangerous and expensive war


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