Marquess of Salisbury 1886-1892

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  • Marquess Of Salisbury 1886-1892
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of social/domestic policy?
      • Local Government Act 1888.Introduced county councils and county boroughs.
      • Free grant Act 1891, abolished fees for elementary education.
      • The Tithe Act 1890. Made tithes payable by the owner of the land and not the occupier. meant that w/c would not lose cattle por food in place of a cash payment.
      • Factory act 1891 raised minimum working age to 11 and max working day for women was 12 hours and 1 and half hours for meals.
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of Foreign Policy?
      • Mediterranean agreement 1887. Britain would support Italy in the event of an unprovoked French attack. Austria-Hungary also signed this agreement six weeks later.
      • Franco-Russian Alliance 1892, two powers most hostile to Britain began to draw together in friendship, Salisbury wanted to improve relations with France but couldnt before he was out of office.
      • Bismarck proposed a formal alliance with Britain (1889) Salisbury declined however relations with Britain and Triple Alliance remained good.
    • What was their policy towards Ireland?
      • Crimes Act 1887. Gave Police extra powers to deal with offenders. Suspend trial by Jury. Police shot and killed three protesters in Mitchelstown. Balfour didnt react to this and earned nickname "Bloody Balfour"
    • How 'Popular' was this ministry?
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry being elected?
      • The Liberal split. Liberal Unionists joining the conservative party.
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry ending?
    • What were the overriding priorities for this ministry? Did they achieve their aims?


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