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  • Marketisation does not benefit all social groups equally (20 marks).
    • League tables.
      • Competition between schools to get the best results.
        • X- This can create 'sink schools'.
    • Ofsted inspection.
      • Standards increase (observe)
        • The Hawthorne Effect
    • Parentocracy
      • Parents get to choose which schools they get to send their children too.
        • Some parents can afford to send their children to the best schools (they don't understand)
          • However this means that some students (who may not in the past) do have a chance to go to better schools.
    • National Curriculum.
      • Every students learns the same- equal opportunitiesfor all.
        • Elaborate code is used- students who speak restricted code do not understand.
    • Independence has been given to sixth forms, colleges, etc.
      • This means that working class students are less likely to be accepted into schools- as they won't get them the best results.
        • However it does allow schools to make them better for everyone- respond to parents wishes, improve standards, etc.
    • Formula funding.
      • They may not want to accept working class students as they want the most money to be able to succeed and expand further. Risk of going out of business.
        • However, the pupil premium does give working class students a chance- encourages school to attract pupils from the poorest homes.


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