Marketing: Promotion

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  • Marketing-Promotion
    • Advertising
      • E.g. TV, radio, newspapers, billboards.
    • Sponsorship
      • This involves one company giving the other money to display there company name e.g. mecca bingo and wigan.
    • Direct mailing
      • This involves dropping leaflets through letter boxes. It is very effective for smaller businesses because it is cheap and targets lochal areas.
    • Personal selling
      • This involves door-to-door salesmen. Although customers don't often like this method.
    • Public relations
      • This involves creating a posirive image about your company via the media e.g.balcarras gives money to chariety and the echo writes about it.
    • Celebrity endorsement
      • This involves a celebrity using the product and stating how good it is.
    • Sales promotion
      • This involves the use of promotional offers such as: BOGOF, 50% off, free samples, competitions and vouchers.




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