Marketing: Place

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  • Marketing- Place
    • Place in volves making the product available in the correct shops for the customers to buy.
    • Channel of distrubution
      • A channel of distrubution is the path taken to get products fromt he producer to the consumer.
      • diagram of the 3 different channels od distrubution
    • Wholesalers
      • The role of the wholesaler is to break the bulk of goods by the producer.
      • Large producers such as heinz will be unable to deal directly with every shop that sells its products so they use a WHOLESALER.
      • E.g. the forge will go to the hub to buy 30 tins of heinz beans whereas if you bought directly fom heinz you would need to byuy 1000 minimum.
    • Retailers
      • Large retailers such as tesco can buy directly from the producers such as heinz which is why the cost in a tesco store is lower compared to the little shop.
    • Direct sales
      • This is where the product is sent directly from the producer to the consumer and will often occur on the internet e.g. you can buy a car directly from the manufacture.


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