Marketing - sony

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  • Marketing - Sony
    • Digital Technology
      • Web 2.0 - easier to use the internet - more people use it.
      • Social Networking sites: MySpace, Twitter, Facebook
      • Tv
        • Adverts for artists, Sony products as it is an example of vertical integration
          • E.g - Sony - produces films, music, phones, dvd players, playstation, sony ericsson
            • This is cross media convergence (the different companies working together)
              • Results in synergy, E.G. Sony artists song is the theme tune for a game or film, which could be played on playstation or sony DVD player. To advertise the game or film, the song would be played which also advertises the artist
        • Syco, 50% simon cowel and 50% Sony
          • Created x Factor - good way to find and promote old and up and coming artists that will be signed to Sony
      • Radio 1 - chipmunk, usher, scouting for girls, alicia keys
    • Gigs
      • They do not have their own organised gig however sony artists do appear at festivals
    • Magazines - interviews


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