Introduction to marketing

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  • Marketing
    • Market segments
      • age, gender, income, location, socio-economic groups.
        • Businesses group buyers together in order to target packaging and advertising, make different types of products, to help meet customers needs.
    • Market research
      • This is the process of gaining information about customers in order to meet their needs.
      • Primary/feild research e.g. questionaires,tests and phone interviews.
        • Advantages-data is up to date, relevent to the product, specific to the product.
        • Disadvantages- expensive to collect, time consuming, needs a large sample size to be accurate.
      • Secondary/desk research e.g. internet and newspapers.
        • Advantages- cheaper and quicker, data is easily found.
        • Disadvantages- it is not always relevent to your needs, can be unreliable and out of date.


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